11:59 pm - 4:30 am

Kaminanda w/ special guests

w/ Specail Guests

Join us Friday night, , October 27th, from 11:45pm – 4:30am, for a special night of music with our musical guest KAMINANDA!!!

$20 online presales, $25 donation day of show to the Knew Conscious Gallery for all members.

21+ Includes refreshm


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Kaminanda’s ever evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms,Psy- Dub and lush downtempo textures.Kaminanda’s music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences.A kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting ,winding compositions. With six albums in the wake ,this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic experience.


Artwork by Sun Dough