Knew Conscious Collective is a community in Denver built around celebration of the human experience and devotion to music and the arts.

As a private social club, members of the Collective are allowed to gather at Knew Conscious until the break of dawn, enjoying the works of acclaimed artists in an immersive visual and sonic experience.

Membership Benefits

Don’t hesitate in exploring the benefits that being part of the Collective provides. Officially joining Knew Conscious Collective allows you to:

Experience intimate performances in a 500-person venue
Appreciate our visually stunning art in a unique context
Enjoy unlimited complimentary beverages during each of our events
Socialize at our exclusive parties until 4:30am
Be part of an open community of like-minded individuals
Suggest original ideas for events to our leadership, and earn money
Each membership holder is entitled to 1 non-member guest per event
Pre-Register for upcoming events and skip the line
Must be 21 years of age or older

How It Works

To join The Collective is easy, members are required to pay enrollment dues of $10 per month or $60 per year. Once a member of the Knew Conscious Collective, you can legally gain access to any of our exclusive late-night events for an additional donation of $20–$30. These donations vary by night and directly benefit our performers and this unique space.

$60/year for membership

+COVER per event


Join The Collective

You will need to be a member of Knew Conscious Collective to enter the late venue.